Benji Schwimmer Turns Down Offer to Dance with Celine Deion

In an interview with the Seattle Times before the So You Think You Can Dance Tour arrived in Seattle, Benji Schwimmer announced that he wouldn’t be dancing with Celine Deion in Las Vegas. I think I’ve said that at least 3 times on my blog since I knew he was winning(at least since the final 4). Why would he want to work for her? Here’s the piece of the article that talks about it:

For those gearing up to buy tickets to see Benji in the new Celine Dion musical, here’s a tip: Don’t.

The West Coast Swing specialist told us he turned down the contract, which was part of the prize package for the second-season winner of “So You Think You Can Dance.” “That really wasn’t my genre of dance … It’s an honor, [but] that’d be like an environmental lawyer with a contract to represent O.J. Simpson.”

Performing with Dion would’ve also tied him to Vegas for a full year, he said. Benji wanted to remain close to his family and the dance studio that he co-owns in Redlands, Calif. — more than 200 miles away.

But this guy’s not done with his 15 minutes of fame. He’s working several different projects from writing and co-producing a movie about dancing (Heidi told us she’ll appear with cousin Benji in this one) to working on a TV show on the lives of dancers.

“You’ll definitely be seeing me a lot more,” he said.

Allison Holker (who seems to be a major favorite since she got kicked off to early) also talked about some of her plans:

Early favorite Allison Holker, also on the tour, wants to get a taste of life outside of the dance world. “I would love to go to college eventually,” she said, and have a family in addition to work. “I’ll be doing a lot of teaching and choreographing” after the tour.

She’s also considering joining a modern-da

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8 Responses to Benji Schwimmer Turns Down Offer to Dance with Celine Deion

  1. sytycd says:

    Here’s spill’s post about this.

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  3. oregon01 says:

    Benji needs to grow up! He completely walked out of a contract he signed to host a day workshop in Medford, Oregon. His reason? He didn’t like the way he was being treated What a baby!!! Apparently the folks who hired him were mean to poor Benji. Let me ask America…yes the Americans who voted for Benji, how many of you have been treated less than fairly by your boss? Do we get to just not show up to work? Benji left a lot of people disappointed and angry in our small little town!!! Maybe my mom raised me better…my momma taught me to be a person of my do what I say I am going to do…contract or not!

  4. nyc227 says:

    Wow thats a little harsh. You may not know the whole story. Maybe the treatment is more than he can handle. If you can handle negative people, than more power to you. Who would want to work like that. He felt he needed walk away, people with bad boss-situations may not have the option to financially etc.

  5. bwllydancingchef says:

    So the person who set him up to do the workshop is now his boss? I don’t think so!! There have been plenty of workshops I have signed up for that have not happened for one reason or another. And I would like to point out that Benji isn’t going on on-line bashing you. Maybe you may need to grow up a little! Life is full of disappointments, especially in dance so get used to it.
    When I met Benji he was very tired but great.

  6. sarah says:

    That’s his decision! that’s his own life! None of us wether e fan or not have the right to say what he did was wrong. Maybe he did the best thing from his point of view. people turn down some offers or break contracts which seems silly to us every day but they know what’s best for them much better than us who have nothing to do with them. Get a grip people! I know we’ll hear much more about his great successes in future.

  7. carmela says:

    Every time I peek out my window & see one of those Jehovahs Witnesses coming I think of Benji & Lacey.I mean come on now do they think Mormon is the only religion???? We all have our own and don’t go around like a holier than thou idiot.Now that she’s going to be a dancer on DWTS she’ll probably hook up with Derek, another Mormon,and they’ll go on to have several little Mormonettes.Good luck,but just in case you think you’re special about saving yourself for marriage just remember you’re not the only people who feel that way,there are non-Mormons who practice that without splashing it all over the place.


  8. sytycd says:

    I’m not sure where you got the idea that Benji and Lacey think that being a mormon is the only religion. Seems a bit unfounded to me. Not to mention, I’m not sure how active Lacey is in her mormon religion either.

    I think it’s also funny that you mention Derek on Dancing with the Stars since Derek is actually dating Shannon Elizabeth right now who is not a mormon.

    You are dead on saying that mormons don’t have the monopoly on chastity. There are tons of other great people who remain chaste before marriage.

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