Grey’s Anatomy Episode Streamed Online

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Grey’s Anatomy Episodes Streamed Online

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40 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy Episode Streamed Online

  1. blogsap says:

    i agree. it isn’t the same as last year. and what was with the “addison & derrek” scene in the first episode? it was worse than a soap opera!

  2. zoWey says:

    I saw your post and didn’t even get to watch the new Gry’s anatomy episodes because I am now at university and apparently the abc website will only let you watch the episodes online if you are in the US. So dyou know of any other websites that show the episodes online because I am getting kind of desperate here…
    thank you
    a desperate fan

  3. Sad Canadian says:

    Why oh why can’t the loving friendly Canadians watch Grey’s? We need a lil McLove too you know.

  4. Sadder Canadian says:

    awwe i know it just isnt fair! ii go to boarding school and all i want to do is watch my mcdreamy be mchot instead of doing mchomework 😦

  5. Christine says:

    I personally think greys is awesome…. i dont have cable tho and i really love abc…. won’t let us canadians see whole episodes!

  6. katie says:

    so does anyone know where we can get greys free online if we live in Canada? my sister recorded over the tape!

  7. lital says:

    i wanna watch the newest episodes but i’m not in america! help!

  8. anna says:

    you have to go through a US proxy server, this fill fool the American sites and make them think you are in the US while in Canada or somewhere else.

  9. Artemis says:

    How do we go through a US proxy server?

  10. Equally Sad Canadian says:

    I have been trying to find free episodes too, because ABC is trying to shut me out 😦

    I definitely forgot that last night’s episode was two hours earlier than usual.

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  15. Wendy says:

    What link? Help? What is a US Proxy Server. I’d love you forever for the answer to how we can watch these here in Canada.

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  17. jenni says:

    ABC and NBC work only for the US, which sucks. but theres a site thats been created where u can watch some series
    they dont have everything as the site is quite recent, but might havea look anyways

  18. Mandie says:

    I was away last week and missed Greys Anatomy and the series finale of the OC – and I got to watch it…both amazing btw.
    Thanks again,

  19. Td says:

    Anyone care to enlighten the US Proxy server idea?? How and where?

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  21. Darren says:

    For those of you still interested in getting greys episodes

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  24. irish says:

    Darren Says:
    March 7th, 2007 at 10:49 pm
    For those of you still interested in getting greys episodes

    thanks very much. find it next to impossible in ireland to get on-line. only finished season 1 here!!! was watching it on but it was shut down a few weeks ago. will this site be updated with the most recent episodes. thanks

  25. kaylee says:


    How do you use a US Proxy????

    can you email me please at… im DYING to see the episodes!

    THanks so much .

  26. rachael says:

    i livein england do you know what channels i can watch season 3 on and when is season 3 coming out on dvd in england

  27. kaylee says:

    some of the fractal folder things dont work like episode 6 of season 3.. does anyone know where someone in canada can find it?

  28. Fiona says:

    You can find the majority of the episodes at

  29. GreysFan says:

    Episodes 1-12 were available on until a couple of days ago. Now the page itself is missing.. any reason why??? I only got upto episode 9 and am so disappointed that I didn’t get the last few.. whoever owns/updates this page, could you PLEASE put it back? Thanks.

  30. carrie16 says:

    For all season 3 Greys Anatomy ( 24 / Lost / Prison Break etc.) there are two websites to use:




  31. rachael says:

    this is a really good website ! does anybody no when greys anatomy season 3 is starting in england and what channels am so addicted ! i love mer/der and burktina they are the best eva man !! rytzzz !!

  32. mariam says:

    please tell me how i can in pakistan change my proxy to the USA one so i can watch full length episodes at

  33. Gayatri says:

    how do i change my proxy to US?!

  34. eleanor says:

    hey ppl greys started in uk/ireland bout 2/3 wks ago in uk on living tv check out der website itll tell u when!!!

  35. eleanor says:

    ad me on msn if u lik greys

  36. Jenn says:

    tv-links is a GREAT site. But is better because it has tv-links’ links in there along with links from other sites… briliant!

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  38. Happy Canadian says:

    For all you amazing Canadians, we can watch all the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on the CTV website! ( I cannot remember the site address exactly so I suggest you Google it) Gotta love being Canadian eh?!

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