Stop Rigging Dancing with the Stars

Once again the last 2 finalists are tied with the judges score. What a crock of crap!! If you don’t think that was by design then you are crazy. There’s nothing wrong with having them even. Just say that the scores for the judges don’t matter and America will vote for the winners. Stop trying to act like the judges are giving their scores when it’s all rigged to make sure the scores are matched up. If the judges were being honest then it would have very different scores.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Dancing with the Stars, but I think it is a complete joke that they even have the judges give their score. Take out the judges scores, let the judges be more critical of the dances and also let us hear more from the professional dancers. Wasting time showing us the scores is just exactly that, A complete waste of time.

More of my thoughts on the winner of Dancing with the Stars later.

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8 Responses to Stop Rigging Dancing with the Stars

  1. graciestable says:

    You are so right on the rigged judging! And I’m sorry, but Mario and Karina’s freestyle dance really that good? My husband walked in while they were dancing and said it looked like something that was popular when he was in college. The moves were more about Mario than Karina, and I didn’t think they had a real dynamic routine. Mario’s paso doble was hot. The kiss of death on their freestyle was when Mario started breakdancing in the middle. I thought it was average, and then he spun on his back and I knew it was average.

    I’m not at all saying I could do a single one of those moves, but then again, I’m not paid to dance on one of the most popular shows on television either ; )

  2. Cinthia says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I was a die hard fan of the show, but I finally realize it is a total waste of time.

  3. sytycd says:

    I agree completely with the freestyle from Mario and Karina. Those judges were full of crap. Were they watching the same dancing I was watching? I thought that they’d really pull out something interesting in their freestyle, but they sucked. Emmitt’s wasn’t much better, but Cheryl deserves credit for handling freestyle like a champ. By the way, in the freestyle you could see that Cheryl’s thighs were huge. Probably all muscle from all the dancing.

    I wouldn’t say a total waste of time. The dancing was great to watch. I could watch Karina, Edyta and Kym dance all day long and not get tired of it. However, the judging part is a waste of time.

  4. Tracy says:

    Rigged, you want to talk about rigged? How about thousands of people who didn’t get to see the show last night? The network had some sort of digital card problem and apparantely aren’t running a repeat. Helloooooooooooooooo, no see show no vote. How fair of a competition is that. What a joke!!!!

  5. jay says:

    rigged/ who cares if its rigged its t.v. everyone knows that if it wasn,t for the judges voting most people wouldn, t watch it.the judges have to keep it close so we will keep watching . i say next time let the stars do the exact same routine then let the judges score it.

  6. sytycd says:

    Exactly my point. If judges have to keep it close then why not get rid of it all together and give us more of something else.

  7. graciestable says:

    I didn’t see Cheryl’s thighs, But I think they got in a shot of her mother after the dance. Cheryl knows her stuff.

    I’ll personally be kind of glad when this season is over. I’m rooting for Emmitt, but this season has been less authentic that previous seasons.

  8. MENDY says:


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