Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke Win Dancing with the Stars

Another season of Dancing with the Stars came to an end tonight. I was unfortunately stuck in a very boring class and so I wasn’t able to watch the show. I’ll definitely be watching YouTube for when someone posts the dances that were done in the final show. In the end, I didn’t really care that I missed the final Dancing with the Stars because it just drags on forever and I knew that Emmitt Smith was going to win.

I told my wife it and she thought that I was wrong and that Mario was more popular. I almost believed her after I got 1,206 searches for Karina Smirnoff sent to this blog in one day. However, it turns out Emmitt Smith did win it all.
Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke
I can’t complain about Emmitt winning because he was a class act throughout it all. My wife hated Mario because he was so cocky. I didn’t completely agree, but I could see where she was coming from. I think Emmitt should really thank Cheryl for making the most of his dance skills.

More importantly, I’m sorry that I won’t be able to see Mario and Karina dance anymore. At least I have a few videos of Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff to keep me happy.
Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars

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17 Responses to Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke Win Dancing with the Stars

  1. Amy says:

    Mario was robbed. I thought the idea was to pick the best dancer. I’m a Emmit fan to (I’m from Dallas)

  2. bridgette says:

    Don’t hate on Emmit, the best dancer just won! Mario and partner did good but Emmit was the better dancer, so give him his props and say the best man won!

  3. jaredude says:

    Way to go Emmitt! I love seeing the underdog win. Seeing as how this blog is labeled So You Think You Can Dance… Remember when Benji wasn’t put straight through to Vegas? Look what happened! I’m lovin’ it when the underdog wins! Great job Emmitt! Oh, and great job Mario for giving Emmitt something big to compete against. Nobody would be complaining about Emmitt winning if he had been competing against Jerry 😛

  4. GemLeo05 says:

    Mario is technically the better dancer, however Emmitt is a lovable regular guy who’s got the move. And that got America’s vote… Also Sheryl Burke is more likeable than Karina

  5. Maria says:

    GemLeo05 says it all – maybe the fans didn’t want a cocky guy and his bitchy partner to win – moves or not. Emmitt won the crowd and the fans, with CLASSS.
    Karina couldn’t even show class to applaude the winners – poor sportsmanship. I hope DWTS drops her.

  6. Lacey Leah says:

    Mario was robbed!! How pathetic that Cheryl & Emmit had to troll
    around the US pandering for votes…begging NASCAR people of all
    things to vote for them. Mario had more class than that! Emmit
    even taught his daughter to be disrespectful as she was quoted as
    saying “No one will vote for Mario”…well, of course because they
    had the B vote. Emmit never moved around much…he’s way too big
    and heavy…Mario had the moves…he really danced. And Cheryl is so
    full of herself! Physically they didn’t even look good together!
    Mario and Karina were the perfectly matched couple…they fit perfectly together! It should have been about who was the best dancers and
    everyone watching knew that Emmit could never get down on the floor
    like Mario did!! Stop hating on Karina…just because she’s a white
    girl who can dance!!!!!

  7. Rose Rodriguez says:

    I have to agree with Lacey. Mario and Karina were better and they did not go around and beg for votes like Emmit and Cheryl did. Karina and Mario look good together. I know they’re an item.

  8. Jen Kidd says:

    I didnt know that Karina is white. But she is Russian so that explains it. Well i give her props.
    And how do you expect someone to feign happiness when they know they
    got screwed??? I’m sure their disappointment was huge and you can’t
    hide that! I thought Mario and Karina were VERY gracious considering
    how unfair the whole thing was!
    There was some woman in Missouri who kept getting calls for Mario &
    Karina…one time that we called, it said thanks for voting for
    Cheryl & Emmit…so it sounds like a lot of Mario’s votes got screwed
    up!! And it was embarrasing how Carrie Ann Inalba kept falling all over herself with her gushing and biased crush on Emmit!!
    Mario will keep on dancing and Emmit will go back to football and the
    world will know who WAS and will ALWAYS be the best male dancer!!!

  9. firefly8868 says:

    Well done on your #1 status, first of all.

    Secondly … I’m so happy Emmitt and company won DWTS.


  10. chrisjake says:

    Come on, let’s face it, DWTS is a popularity contest. Mario and Emmit can dance and whoever wins deserve to win. Emmit got the African-American viewers who would spend hours to vote (remember American Idol’s Reuben what’s his name? who eventually was beaten by that nerdy Aiken in record sales) and Cheryl got the Filipino voters who are very diligent in voting for their countryman? (Who would forget AI’s Jasmine Trias who landed on the no. 3 spot despite the fact there are better singers in that season). And if there ever were guys who watches the show who will vote, will vote for their macho counterpart (they won’t vote for hunky Mario because it was unmanly to do that). There are only a few “ballroom dancers” in America, but they are not that type who would vote. This is the type of crowd who would vote for Mario because they understand dance and recognize dance moves. But they did not vote.
    Most of the viewers are women (or gays who adores Mario), but they are jealous of Karina who is not as likeable as Cheryl. That publicity stunt that they are an item, worked to their disadvantage.
    And Karina, she is pretty and sexy, BUT….Did you notice the disappointment in her face after the winners were announced. And what about her “for me, Mario is the winner” speech. Oh what kind of sportsmanship is that. She looks more desperate than super Mario to win the competition, and she is not the “star”. Watch her in the coming seasons, she will be like Maxim who never made it to the top 3 no matter how good he is because he projects an arrogant image.
    I like Mario and Karina, they look good together, and they are the better dancers this season. In a dance competition where the judges are not commercially and ratings motivated, they will win the competition because they have more complicated dance steps and moves. But this is still a popularity contest. Emmit and Cheryl won the hearts of the voting public….It is not always the best performers who will win reality shows like this.

  11. moe says:

    To the person that said Emmitt an Cheryl went to Nascar to get the publics vote. Remember that Mario went to his old high school to do the same thing. Monique went to Disney and Joey went somewhere too for votes, (forget where). All the same week. So quit grasping at straws. America has spoken.

  12. Amy says:

    Mario was robbed. Emmitt shouldn’t even have been in the final two, and was only there because the judges kept giving him tens for his easy routines. He almost dropped Cheryl once and he still got a ten. What a joke. I blame the producers for this debacle.

    When Joey was eliminated in favor of Emmitt, I knew the fix was in for Emmitt.

    Mario was very gracious considering the show turned out to be rigged.

    Mario is the best dancer and the true champion!

  13. chrisjake says:

    America has spoken. Get over it, and move on…..
    To you all Mario fans out there, just support him in his future gigs…. So maybe watch his tv shows….He has a huge talent, and he will survive with or without this title. He does not need to “tour” to have a job….

  14. It is a shame that things in this country always come down to race. As for those of you who wear the “Hate Emmitt” label, tough. True Emmitt is one of the best running backs of all times, but Cheryl can stand on her own merits. She is a great dancer witha beautiful personality. Mario and that old lady he danced with, certainly were not the best dancers. Several times the judges told them to do the dance not what Karina wanted to do. for a professional, she certainly lacks ability and thought she could get over with Mario as her partned. Well that certainly back fired. Cheryl consistently produced outstanding choreography why Karina and her young lover sought to exploit his little body. Technically, there was no comparison. Emmitt has the moves the same as he displayed on the football field. Like his daughter said, “Daddy has class.” Mario needs to face the facts that again, as in most things he has attempted to do, was certainly out of his league.

  15. Shelby says:

    Mario didn’t win because he was cocky and thought he had it, while Emmitt was always humble and sweet. THAT’S why Emmitt won! I was so happy when he did Emmitt improved so much!!!
    And the show was not “fixed” or “rigged”….Emmitt had WAY MORE FANS and where I live (I live in California) EVERYONE HATED MARIO BECAUSE OF HIS POMPOUS ATTITUDE!

  16. V.E.G. says:

    I love to dance. Ironically, Burke’s and Smith’s last names are the very same last names as my bus driver and her daughter, respectively.

  17. Anastasia says:

    Interesting how many hot russian girls are in the american competitions.

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