I’m #1 on WordPress.com

At one point Scoble mentioned that he was bored of seeing his name as the #1 blogger on WordPress.com(english blogs). I commented that I was working on passing him. Well, today I finally reached my goal of being #1 on WordPress.com. It’s pretty sweet. It only took me 7,536 pageviews yesterday to get ahead of him. I wonder what it would be like to look at his stats package. I think if I was in his position I would want to see more of the details of who was referring people to my site than WordPress.com offers.

Anyway, I’m all hemmed up being #1 on WordPress.com. I’d like to thank Karina Smirnoff the most since people searching for her have been my biggest number of visitors.

And Scoble, I didn’t do this with Digg, Reddit or any of those other sites. It was almost entirely using natural search engine referrals. What does this all say about Reality TV? Now if WordPress.com will get a way to monetize this traffic I’ll be very happy.

Here’s a screenshot for proof:
#1 Blogger on WordPress.com

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10 Responses to I’m #1 on WordPress.com

  1. Robert Scoble says:

    Very cool! It’s about time someone kicked me off of the top. I know that the mainstream users could care less about tech, so the fact that there’s other bloggers coming along means that WordPress is getting a more mature audience.

  2. sytycd says:

    Depending on how you look at it, you might say that Reality TV watchers are a less mature audience. What can be said is that WordPress.com has a powerful ability to get listed high in the search engines. Combine this with the tagging which also does well in search engines and you can generate a lot of traffic if you choose the right topics.

  3. hehehe scoble can’t resist to make a comment

  4. GEL says:

    Congrats! I dropped in because I love dancing with my husband, not because of your stats.I’m not into reality TV, but this was one show I’d have liked to have seen. I love to watch dancing (prefer it live, but oh well) and am probably the only dance lover in the universe who has only seen a couple of minutes of one “Dance with the Stars” show! I’m definitley looking into seeing videos. I notice some nice links in your sidebar. Way to go again! 😀

  5. Now try to post something else than dance videos.

  6. You deserve to be on top of the list. You have the passion and energy to maintain this wonderful blog. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  7. Amy says:

    Congrats, Techie!

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