Cheryl and Emmitt Dancing with the Stars Love

I just had someone who calls themselves “cheryl” post a long comment expressing their love and appreciation for Cheryl and Emmitt from Dancing with the Stars. It was so good I decided it deserved its own post. I don’t totally disagree with these comments on Karina and Mario, but I do disagree that she should have been a more graceful user. They had worked hard to get there and being disappointed by the win is part of being a competitor. Emmitt can certainly appreciate that and Karina did her best to be graceful.

So, here’s the love Emmitt and Cheryl:

cheryl, you are so hot, sexy, graceful, talented, beautiful and overall THE
GREATEST flip there ever lived. You got it; you are like the complete woman
package. Every girl wants to be you and every guy wants to date you. I don’t
know how you did it, but i know your mom and your family is VERY proud of you. I
would be, and i am. Emmitt, you are SUCH A GENTLEMAN. Coming from a football
field, you would never imagine you played football at all after watching DWTS.
You were so graceful and had this charismatic charm about you everytime you took
a step.
No offense to Mario, i think he’s hot and has some good moves, but he was
incredibly cocky and arrogant, along with his partner Karina. if any of you
watched the finale, when they said that emmitt and cheryl won, you shoulda seen
karina’s face. all she said was “i’m so happy for them” with this face >:-|.
can it get anymore obvious? c’mon! Winning is just as important as being a
gracious and good loser.
Just face it, emmitt was better. He actually improved throughout the entire
show; Mario was a flat line —– no ups. Downs, yes, but when he went back up,
he stayed at the same spot he was before. And besides, didn’t he have some
“previous dance experience?” Also, Mario and Karina fought a lot. I this has
more to do with their attitude. But if you watched the finals ot the season
finale, they showed clips of Mario and Karina fighting A LOT! she ALWAYS yelled
at him, and vice versa. Emmitt and Cheryl on the other hand, never once yelled.
They always just focused on working and perfecting it instead of wasting all
their energy into fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong. When emmitt fell
during practice, Cheryl, being the great person she is, wanted to take a break
and make sure Emmitt was okay enuff to continue. I think she said that they took
a break and went somewhere, not exactly sure on the details. She is SOOO nice!!!

You both (Emmitt and Cheryl) deserve it sooo much. and cheryl, i still can’t get
over how amazing you are. I think you are my new role model. When both you and
Emmitt get on that dance floor, you inspire so many to just get up and dance
with you. Or you make us believe in anything, esp. when you guys danced the
waltz. I felt like i was in Cheryl’s shoes dancing along; as if i were a
princess, or dancing at my wedding. Cheryl, if i ever meet you one day, it’ll be
a dream come true. The cherry on top would be if you could teach my future
husband how to dance.
I have all faith in you, and without a doubt know that you will take on next
season of DWTS the same way you did this year and last year, and even better!
although i don’t know how that’s possible because this and last season was
AWSOME. i don’t know how it could be beat. But if so, then i know YOU will be
that person to win again, for a third season in a row. You are so young and have
so much talent, you’re career has just begun. Never forget to take a breather
and just enjoy what’s happening. wow; think i wrote enuff? ahaha anywhooo
Emmitt, Cheryl, you guys ARE SO AWSOME! keep up the great work cheryl esp. for
next season. and emmitt, never loose you “graceful feet-movement.” CONGRATZ! =)

Thanks for commenting on my blog even with all the misspellings. I’ll just say they add more character to the post.

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2 Responses to Cheryl and Emmitt Dancing with the Stars Love

  1. moe says:

    That just about said it all. Thanks.

  2. GemLeo05 says:

    Cheryl, we are now keeping an eye on you. Back-to-back champion, who can beat that? What about a three-peat? Hope you won’t get a Jerry Springer nor a Carlson Tucker next season. And if you would get one of their kind and you will still win, that will be very impressive!!!!
    You have charmed me and the rest of America, and I am now a big fan of yours. Can’t wait for next season.

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