Amazing Race – The Blondes Almost Got Sent Home

I know this is a little late, but life has been busy. My favorite reality show has got to be Amazing Race. This season has been fantastic. The places they go and the things they do have been great. I hope they keep up with adding little changes to the show. I love not knowing what’s around the corner.

Well, this year I’ve had an obvious affection for the blondes. Not just because they are blonde. That doesn’t hurt any, but I just love how they run the race. The other people racing are just dumb. If you were on the show you’d want to run it hard too. The blondes haven’t done anything that smart racers wouldn’t do. That’s why they are my favorite. They race hard and want to win.

I’m afraid that they probably won’t win, but I’ll be rooting for them anyway. Next week’s episode should be quite entertaining since they need to try and come in first.

Does anyone else not like that the Amazing Race is on Sunday? I would much prefer watching it on another day. I also don’t like that it’s matched up with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. CBS, please just switch it to the time slot against the wretched and slutty Desperate Housewives.

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