Donald Trump and The Apprentice Season 6 on NBC – Watch the First 20 Minutes Online NOW

I’m very excited for tonight’s TV lineup. The show I’m most excited to see is The Apprentice. It’s the 6th season (which completely shocks me) and has been moved to LA. You can go to The Apprentice Season 6 website on NBC where they have the first 20 minutes of the hour and a half season premier. I’m not sure why you’d want to watch the first 20 minutes. Nothing is really done in the first part of the show. I’ll just wait until I can see the whole thing.

Of course the commercials for The Apprentice have all focused on it being in LA and a new twist in the show where the losing teams have to stay in tents. That should be quite entertaining, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be as bad as what they’ve marketed on the commercials. We shall see. Either way, I’d like to see Trump stay in a tent. That would pretty much never happen.

Should be a fun show to watch. I like when they have a large set of pompous individuals.

My friend Jules said that she won’t be watching it now that Carolyn was gone. Carolyn will be missed for her straight shooting comments. However, Carolyn had so many choices available because of the show that you knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. She couldn’t stay there forever. It wasn’t in her makeup. I do admit that Trump’s daughter isn’t quite as good, but she’s not bad either.

I guess we’ll see how she is when she’s there every week.

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