The Start of Reality TV Hitting Broadway – Grease

Tonight NBC is starting a new Reality TV show where the 2 winners are the lead roles for a the new broadway show Grease. It’s being called Grease: You’re the One that I want. Besides being a dumb name I could see how this could be a very interesting show. It’s being hosted by Billy Bush from one of those Hollywood shows (I think Access Hollywood, but I could be wrong since they all seem the same to me).

Grease The Reality TV Show

My only fear is that we’ll have to hear the same Grease songs over and Over and OVER and OVER again. If they do cool tryout things other than everyone singing the same song then I think it will be interesting. I love the song Summer Lovin, but I think I can only hear it so many times before I might have to stop watching the show. Should be fun to see what happens.

I do have to give NBC props for using their popular game show Deal or No Deal as a means for advertising their other shows. That’s good integration of the various products you have produced. However, do we really want to see the Deal or No Deal girls in poodle skirts? I think not.

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