The Apprentice Los Angeles

Well, I’m catching up on some of my reality tv comments.

The Apprentice Los Angeles (why do I always want to do it Angelos?) has been near the top of my list for viewing this season. I love the tents idea. A bunch of rich, stuck up, arrogant people in tents. What more could someone want? I think it is funny though that Trump says that it isn’t that bad. I agree with him. However, he doesn’t have the right to say it since he’s probably never slept in a tent in his life. That would be cool if he went and enjoyed the tent with them too. Then, I’d gain a huge amount of respect for Trump.

The show has been pretty predictable so far. You knew who was going home before Trump decided. It’s also not as fun when there are 2 candidates on the chopping block and Trump has to pick just one of them. For example, the loud mouth from New York. There is no way he will be Trump’s apprentice. It’s not going to happen. Never! Ever!! At least not as long as Trump is there. He’s great for the show, but would never work for Trump. If I’m another contestant, I’d love to keep him around. You know Trump won’t hire him.

Tomorrow night’s the next episode. Should be interesting with the new team outside.

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