Amazing Race 11 – All Stars Premier

I was so excited about the premier of Amazing Race All Stars. I didn’t know a ton of the people that were coming back, but I absolutely have my favorites and least favorites. My favorites are of course the barbies – Dustin and Kandice. I guess they’re officially called the beauty queens, but I call them the barbies. They were my favorite last season and I’m sure they will be again this season. I’m very excited to see Rob and Amber back in the race. I don’t really care for them personally, but considering the show is about entertainment, I think Rob and Amber are some of the most entertaining people out there.

Well, it’s going to be an exciting season to watch what happens. Everyone knows what they’re getting into. Let’s hope the show throws in some nice twists that throws everyone off their rocker.

I was glad that Rob and Amber won. I don’t really care if the barbies win any of the legs. I just hope the win the million dollars at the end.

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One Response to Amazing Race 11 – All Stars Premier

  1. I agee with you that there are a few teams that aren’t really that memorable. The fact that Romber came in first again somewhat proves that I think.

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