Grease: You’re the One that I Want

Did anyone see Grease last night? I didn’t. What was I suppose to do? Can you really expect me to watch Grease over Amazing Race? Of course not. I still like Grease, but it can’t nearly compare to Amazing Race. I think Grease is in real trouble being in the same time slot as Amazing Race. I think that most people that enjoy reality TV will like seeing Amazing Race much better than Grease. Not to mention, this season of Amazing Race is the all stars that people will want to see again. I know I do.

I hope NBC listens and moves Grease to a different time slot. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’m going to have to enjoy clips like the following group video on YouTube:

Of possibly this one of the Grease final 14 group performance:

Or possible this one of Grease You’re the one that I Want Contestants Mocking Austin:

I understand why the costumes suck. They are using similar costumes to what they did in the show. Too bad I hated Olivia Newton John’s leather at the end in the movie and I still hate it now on the contestants. Of course, I must admit that I always preferred Good Girl Sandy to Bad Girl Sandy.

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