The Apprentice LA – Aimee is Fired

If anyone was surprised that Aimee was fired on last nights episode of The Apprentice LA, then you haven’t watched much of the apprentice. It was completely obvious from the start. As long as her team lost, she was gone. It was inevitable since last show.

I must admit that knowing she was the one that would be fired made the episode a little more boring. Thankfully Frank came through for me and made the show entertaining. Surya is a complete idiot and is going sooner or later. Frank is going to be gone too, but at least he is entertaining. Surya is just completely annoying.

I really like Heidi and if she can avoid doing something really stupid, then I think she has a good chance of winning. However, I must admit that having Heidi out in the tents has to be one the funniest things. I think the tents are a great addition. I do think it’s hypocritical of Trump, because he’d never sleep out there. However, it’s great to watch all these pampered people out in the tents.

A double fire next week? The way Surya likes to keep talking I think he might just be the second person fired.

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