American Idol Leading Ladies

Here’s a summary of the boys from American Idol.

Stephanie Edwards sang “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore” (?) by ? I’m not sure, but boy did she open up the show right! Knock out job. Loved her.

Amy Krebs sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt and I almost fell asleep in that short minute and a half. Sucked! “Personality of a candle.” Ha!

Leslie Hunt sang “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. Ambitious! She didn’t do a bad job, but you can’t come out with an Aretha song and not knock it out of the park. It was mediocre.

Sabrina Sloan sang “‘I Ain’t Never Gonna Love A Man The Way That I Love You” by Aretha Franklin. She wasn’t bad, but I disagree with the judges saying she was the best so far. There was way too much yelling going on for my liking, but I did like her.

Antonella Barba “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. I want to like her since she’s a Jersey Girl! I wanted more from this performance. She was a little off-key in parts and didn’t bring enough punch. I felt so bad for her when the judges rated her, she wanted to cry right there on the stage, but she held it in. She’s gotta do better to stay!

Jordin Sparks sang “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman. Wow! Loved it. I actually got goosebumps listening to her. She gave a great performance. I really like this girl. Seems like the judges do, too.

Nicole Tranquillo sang something by Chaka Kahn. I’m not sure, but I didn’t like it. Again with the yelling. I don’t understand people who like that style at all. I think she’ll be okay, though, but she definitely should do a different genre next time.

Haley Scarnato sang by “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion. Hmmm. The beginning was very scary, but the middle wasn’t bad. I’m not sure she should have picked a Celine Dion song. And I agree with Simon, she needs to pick a younger song – something more fun and upbeat.

Melinda Doolittle sang “Sweet Sweet Baby Since You’ve Been Gone” by Aretha Franklin. Lots of Aretha tonight! Melinda actually did her justice, though, compared to the other girls. They need to take a lesson from her. It’s interesting to see her lack of confidence as a main singer since she’s been a backing vocalist so far in her career. I like this girl. Anyone else notice a weird thing with her neck and head though? What is it? Is it that she doesn’t have a neck?

Alaina Alexander sang “Brass in Pocket” by The Pretenders. Oh my goodness – bad. Real bad. She came no where near Chrissy Hynde. No where. Someone should have told her to pick a different song.

Gina Glocksen sang “All By Myself” by Celine Dion. Again with the Celine Dion songs. She did better than Haley. A lot better. I want to hear her sing different songs, though.

LaKisha Jones sang “You’re Gonna Love Me” by Jennifer Hudson. Whoa. That girl closed the show out!!!! Damn! I have to admit I was highly distracted by her dress, though. Wardrobe needs to get in there, pronto!

Here’s the breakdown from the American Idol website:

Wow, the girls showed why they deserve to be there: Great start and a great ending with some goodies in-between. I’ve changed my mind and truly think a girl will take the title this year. One other note, before I get started — it was nice to see Ryan and Simon being somewhat nice to each other. Okay, here goes:

Stephanie Edwards – song: “How Come You Don’t Call Me” – She started the show great by giving us a smooth, jazzy version of this song and frankly she wowed me. The judges’ take: Randy thought she had some pitch problems but also thought it was unbelievable, Paula thinks she is a star, and Simon thought she was a million times better than the guys.

Amy Krebs – song: “I Can’t Make You Love Me” � Well, she was totally right with this very watered down version…off-key and mostly boring. The judges’ take: Randy said middle of the road, Paula agreed with Randy, and Simon said forgettable.

Leslie Hunt – song: “Natural Woman” – I have heard better karaoke singers sing this. She had a few rough notes and tried to give us some personality, but it was just average overall. The judges’ take: Randy said it was too big for her, Paula said great job (huh?), and Simon said she looked embarrassed while singing it.

Sabrina Sloan – song: “Never Loved a Man The Way That I Love You”- A classic Aretha Franklin song, but I thought she oversang it a bit. She can sing but seemed a little sharp on some of those notes. The judges’ take: Randy thought it was hot, Paula gave her a standing ovation, and Simon thought it was the best performance so far.

Antonella Barba – song: “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – Right away my thoughts were, “Why is she going to attempt an Aerosmith song? This is not a good idea.” And I was right. She was pretty bad. It seemed like she just could not find the right key to sing in. The judges’ take: Randy said pitchy and bland, Paula mentioned the pitch problems, and Simon said it did not work for her at all.

Jordin Sparks – song: “Gimme One Reason” – wrong choice of song but, oh, does this girl have the pipes and a cute personality to boot. I think, once she finds her niche, she will blow everyone away. The judges’ take: Randy said challenge yourself; Paula thought it was the right song (wrong Paula) and Simon thought she has a good voice.

Nicole Tranquillo – song: “Stay” – All I wanted to do was go. She tried to give us personality but this was definitely the wrong song. Her voice is not bad but she does not stand out as others do. The judges’ take: Randy said it did not work for him, Paula liked it and Simon said it was kind of aggressive and fake.

Haley Scarnato – song: “It’s All Coming Back to Me” – Celine Dion she isn’t. Overall, I thought it was pleasant, but a little too big of a song for her…not powerful enough. The judges’ take: Randy said just okay, Paula said nice job, and Simon said she sounded old.

Melinda Doolittle – song: “Since You Been Gone” – Another Aretha Franklin classic but she pulled it off. She has lots of personality and confidence and she is definitely a frontrunner for me. The judges’ take: Randy thought it was “Da Bomb”, Paula thinks she is a frontrunner, and Simon said incredible.

Alaina Alexander – song: “Brass in Pocket” – Bad, bad choice of song for her. She tried to make this rock song too pop-oriented and the pitch was really bad. The judges’ take: Randy said not great, Paula said she did not make it her own, and Simon thought it was a real mess.

Gina Glocksen – song: “All By Myself” – I have mixed emotions about this girl. She is a good singer and I thought she did the song well, but overall I just can’t warm up to her. The judges’ take: Randy said he loved it, Paula thought it was a good song choice, and Simon said she was off on the big note.

Lakisha Jones – song: “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going” – This girl blew everyone out of the park. It was a great song choice and, honestly, she is one to beat this season. AWESOME is not a big enough word to describe how great she was. The judges’ take: Randy loved it big time, Paula said she was right where she belongs, and Simon said she was in a different league and 23 people could book their tickets home. I so agree!

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  4. Chris says:

    You are right on about Melinda’s neck…or lack thereof. She is my favorite of all the contestants, and I really hope she keeps it up. Not only can she sing and perform, but she has a great sound to her voice. She is unique.

    Lakisha was unbelievable too. You mentioned her clothes bothered you. For me it was her hair that kept getting in her mouth. I was spitting it out for her as I was watching her performance.

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  6. Daniel says:

    Speaking of Aretha, there is a great group on Yahoo called Billie Holiday And The Disciples Of Swing. The group features audio files of classic Jazz Vocalists. This past month they have been celebrating Girl Singer’s Month and this weeks playlist includes a great unreleased track of Skylark performed by Aretha at the Detroit Music Hall in 1986.. Here is the link to the group and the current playlist.

    01 And This Is My Beloved.mp3
    Gloria Lynne at Basin Street
    912 K

    01 As Long As I Live.mp3
    Peggy Lee (rehearsal, 1962)
    989 KB

    01 Darktown Strutters Ball.mp3
    Alberta Hunter, 1978
    2532 KB

    01 I Didn’t Know What Time It Was.mp3
    Sarah Vaughan, 198X
    1938 KB

    01 Manhattan.mp3
    Lee Wiley
    1627 KB

    01 S’Wonderful.mp3
    Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis Jr.
    1320 KB

    01 They Raided The Joint.mp3
    Helen Humes at the Pasadena Auditorium, 1952
    836 KB

    02 Loud Talkin’ Woman.mp3
    Helen Humes at the Pasadena Auditorium, 1952
    1385 KB

    02 The More I See You.mp3
    Keely Smith, studio session, 6/20/1985
    2791 KB

    02 Willow Weep For Me.mp3
    Billie Holiday, Toronto, 8/57
    1939 KB

    03 Flying Home.mp3
    Ella Fitzgerald, Carnegie Hall, 9/18/1949
    2602 KB

    03 I Only Have Eyes For You.mp3
    Billie Holiday, Toronto, 8/57
    955 KB

    03 I’ll Get Along Somehow.mp3
    Nancy Wilson
    2581 KB

    03 Mood Indigo.mp3
    Lena Horne and Tony Bennett
    1217 KB

    04 Billie’s Blues.mp3
    Billie Holiday, Toronto, 8/57
    1614 KB

    04 Lucky Day.mp3
    Annie Ross,1959
    1051 KB

    04 One Night Stand.mp3
    Janis Joplin, 1970
    1468 KB

    04 Why Don’t You Do Right.mp3
    Linda Hopkins, 6/18/82
    1572 KB

    05 After You’ve Gone.mp3
    Kay Starr, 1975
    1177 KB

    05 Azure-te.mp3
    Ernestine Anderson, studio session, 1958
    1395 KB

    05 Lover Come Back To Me.mp3
    Billie Holiday, Toronto, 8/57
    1088 KB

    05 Miss Brown to You.mp3
    Carmen McRae, studio session, 6/29/1961
    1172 KB

    06 Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby.mp3
    Ann Richards, studio session, 1960
    1272 KB

    07 I’d Rather Go Blind.mp3
    Etta James live at Memory Lane, 1986
    3213 KB

    07 Influences.mp3
    Billie Holiday
    432 KB

    07 The Way We Were.mp3
    Peggy Lee (1974 Academy Awards)
    1997 KB

    08 My Funny Valentine.mp3
    Anita O’Day at Carnegie Hall, 1986
    3213 KB

    08 No Ways Tired.mp3
    The Barret Sisters, 1983
    2535 KB

    08 You’ve Changed.mp3
    Shelby Lynne, studio session, 2006
    1706 KB

    09 But Not For Me.mp3
    Gladys Knight
    1885 KB

    09 Influences part 2.mp3
    Billie Holiday, Toronto, 8/57
    2278 KB

    09 Porgy.mp3
    Nina Simone at Westbury Music Fair, 1968
    1634 KB

    09 Skylark.mp3
    Aretha Franklin, Detroit Music Hall 1986
    1799 KB

    10 Mean Way Of Loving.mp3
    Helen Humes at the Pasadena Auditorium, 1952
    1095 KB

    13 He Brought Us.mp3
    The Barret Sisters, 1983
    2927 KB

    13 My Funny Valentine_The Gentleman is a Dope.mp3
    Peggy Lee and Lena Horne, 1978
    912 KB

    15 I Wish You Love 1.mp3
    Barbra Streisand, JFK Stadium 1966
    1408 KB

    15 More.mp3
    Baby Jane Dexter
    1300 KB

    15 Only The Lonely.mp3
    Aretha Franklin, studio session, 7/16/64
    2306 KB

    17 I Cried For You.mp3
    Helen Humes at the Pasadena Auditorium, 1952
    868 KB

    17 You Turned The Tables On Me.mp3
    Anita O’Day on the BBC, 1964
    1382 KB

    18 Medley.mp3
    Anita O’Day and Chris Connor at Michaels Pub, 1989
    3253 KB

    19 If I Were A Bell.mp3
    June Christy Live At The Dunes
    856 KB

    20 It Don’t Mean A Thing.mp3
    June Christy Live At The Dunes
    1045 KB

    21 Jeepers Creepers.mp3
    june Christy Live At The Dunes
    817 KB

    22 Too Marvelous.mp3
    June Christy Live At The Dunes
    826 KB

    25 Mixed Emotions.mp3
    Dinah Washington Live At Basin Street, 7/10/55
    1480 KB

    26 Come Rain Or Shine.mp3
    Dinah Washington Live At Basin Street, 7/10/55
    798 KB

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