Desperate Housewives Episode Streamed Online

I absolutely love ABC. They are finally understanding what it is like to use technology to distribute their television shows. I’ve told a lot of you about being able to see Grey’s Anatomy Episodes streamed online. Well, it’s not just Grey’s Anatomy available. You can also see any Episode of Desperate Housewives online at ABC.

The episodes usually aren’t available until the next day, but that’s not too bad since if you are available the same evening then you might as well watch the show on ABC. The other good part of watching them online is that there aren’t as many commercials and the commercials are shorter. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Desperate Housewives Episode Streamed Online

  1. alanna says:

    EUGH.. im canadian so i cant.

  2. anonomous says:

    get the full length episodes for desperate housewives available to the UK

  3. musa says:

    Is there anyway to watch DesperateHousewives outside the US?


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