Rob and Amber Are Off the Amazing Race

My wife and I were quite sad to find out that Rob and Amber were kicked off the Amazing Race All Stars. We loved watching them and loved how everyone else hated them. Plus, we are more than ready to have Marla and Charla out of the race. We hate listening to the whining.

I was also upset that the Beauty Queens (who I call the Barbies) Dustin and Kandice didn’t run a very good race today. How ridiculous that they couldn’t figure out the sign post thing. They didn’t even give it a chance. Plus, when they couldn’t get it, they should have just gone and done the opposite one. They knew that two teams were behind them.

It’s still great to watch. How cool would it be to go to the “end of the world?” My brother and I are going to have to run this race at some point. I can only imagine how much fun it would be.

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