No Men In Trees Until Fall

Well, Men In Trees definitely hasn’t been canceled, but you might just have to wait to see it until fall. ABC is doing its best to promote some new shows in the Men In Trees time slot after Grey’s Anatomy and so it makes sense from the network’s point of view to wait until fall to put on the other Men In Trees Episodes. Sucks for Men In Trees and MIT fanbois and fangirls. There may be an episode or two in May, but I think that would be a mistake. Here’s the entire blog post from Jenny Bicks:

I get it. Your confused about when we’re gonna be back on the air. You’re Felmos. You’re concerned. My Dad is very concerned. I think he is threatening to sue the network. Which I think one does when one is a lawyer with time on his hands. Well I hate to say it, but I don’t have the answers. Here’s what I do know—we have been picked up (early) for a second season. We will be back with another 22 episodes (add that up—27 episodes you haven’t seen yet!) This is hugely great news and gets us through these short-term moments when we don’t know what to tell friends when they ask when their next fix of MIT is coming. We will be on in the fall with a big long season (and—God and the network willing—a time slot we get to stay in without all this change). However, we will not be on this April, and perhaps not in May either. This has nothing to do with how the network feels about our little show. It has everything to do with giving other shows a chance to be seen—on the biggest night of the week for ABC. So yeah, it’s frustrating. But let’s try and keep the big picture. And be happy that we are not a show waiting to hear their fate for next year.

There are rumors about a possible 2 or 3 episodes airing in May on Thursday nights. This may happen, but I would not bet on it. Personally, I am little worried now that if we did air, no one would know we were on, and you guys might miss it all together. That would suck. I do promise AS SOON as I know more information, I will put it up here. So keep checking back, okay? (And keep telling the network what you think—they do listen).

We have wrapped production on our last episode of this first season, and I really can’t wait for you guys to see it (and the other 4 you haven’t seen yet!) We had quite the wrap party in Vancouver last weekend (just ask Mike Love, props). Tomorrow night, we throw another party in LA for all the crew down here. We MIT peeps, we like to get our party on. Man, do we have a great crew. Hard working, kind, and easy on the eyes.

So, keep the faith, people. It’ll be okay. We will return stronger, funnier, and with added calcium and Vitamin B. That’s my promise to you guys.

Write me and let me know what you want to see more of next season, okay? We are starting to break stories…


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