Round Up of So You Think You Can Dance Routines Last Night

I use a nice website to take care of my TV planning. It’s called Zap2IT and today I saw on the main page a picture of the beautiful Cat Deeley. I of course had to read the story. They gave the following great summary of last nights So You Think You Can Dance.

Jaimie/Hok – This hip-hop routine was perfect for Hok’s style, but unfortunately Jaimie was unconvincing and couldn’t keep up. Despite the playful choreography, they didn’t really sell it since they weren’t always in synch and Jaimie lacked flavor.

Anya/Danny – With her ballroom and his contemporary background, they a did good job with the very bouncy jive. Anya had energy and personality in spades, and Danny was a little bit too straight and tight, but partnered her well.

Lacey/Kameron – She’s into swing/ballroom, while he’s a hip-hop guy. Props to Lacey for really selling Mia Michael’s contemporary choreography, which was lyrical, sexy and tempestuous. The only thing that could have illustrated the passion more was if it were raining on stage.

Sabra/Dominic – Respect to both dancers for doing a creditable job of dancing disco. Most of the lifts were smooth, and Sabra took to the routine naturally. B-boy Dominic also showed that he’s very open to broadening his dance horizons.

Ashley/Ricky – Both excel in a contemporary style, which didn’t really help them with the sexy tango. They kept up with the choreography, hitting it technically, but they lacked a convincing chemistry, which may be because of Ashley’s size.

Saravongillern_soyouthinkyoucandanc Sara/Jesus – Okay, these guys totally lucked out with Wade Robson’s imaginative, freaky choreography, which was the absolute highlight of the evening. He had this wacky, elaborate story set in the 1900s about vagabonds performing a cabaret. It’s hard to explain, but it was fascinating. I shouldn’t take away from b-girl Sara and Jesus’ performances though, which didn’t always work technically, but they were completely, joyfully in character and delivered a good performance.

Jessi/Pasha – From the auditions, Jessi proved herself to be an extremely sensual/expressive presence, and oddly, she was able to translate that into a graceful, flying waltz even though she was reined in. Pasha’s strength is ballroom, so he made a good partner for her.

Faina/Cedric – Oh, the pain. She’s great at ballroom, but was stiff and by-the-numbers when it came to hip-hop, which luckily is her partner’s forte. They didn’t really work together well though, as evidence by the huge jump in skill when Cedric had a solo.

Neilhaskell_soyouthinkyoucandance_s Lauren/Neil – Both have contemporary strengths, but it didn’t really help with the salsa. While they had lots of energy, Lauren’s personality was a bit too smiley, and Neil lacked connection with his partner.

Shauna/Jimmy – Unfortunately, I’d have to say that Tyce Diorio’s Broadway-inspired choreography let these dancers down this time. Shauna was good with energy and personality, but it didn’t seem to mesh well.

I can’t really say I know who will go off tonight. I did feel bad for the couple where the girl was so tall and the guy was so short. It just didn’t look right.

In the end, I don’t really care what happens, because I’m sure that Hok will stay on the show even if he’s in the bottom 3. Should be fun to watch the various routines. I do find it interesting that the judges are so much nicer now. I think they’re trying to help America fall in love with the dancers. Then, they’ll become more critical for others. Oh yeah…I do hope that Danny gets kicked off sooner than later. I do think he’ll have to wait for America to vote him off, but that will be a very happy day.

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