So You Think You Can Dance Results Show Recap

The music comes to an end for two more dancers tonight. But for now, let’s focus on the radiance personified that is Cat Deeley. So beautiful and yet she still seems like she’d be down for some bangers and a pint at the corner public house. Not too high-falutin’. She has simple tastes, which greatly increases the chances of her going for a guy like me, rather than a footballer for Arsenal.

Opening up to “It’s All In Your Mind” by Wade Robson, the troupe does a street ballet type number. Yes, that is an accurate description. Just look at the tutus. After the number, Cat introduces the judges for this evening, Mia, Mary and Nigel. And getting right down to business, she brings the first three couples to the stage for the first flight of results.

Lauren and Neil danced first last night so they get the results first tonight. The judges loved them and so did the voters. They’re safe. By the way, Cat’s heels are so tall that she is, in effect, standing on her toenails. Just craziness. Anyway, Jessi and Pasha worked it out to a Tyce Diorio piece and wowed the judges. As for the voters…they weren’t wowed. Pasha and Jessi are in the bottom three, much to Cat’s apparent surprise. This result makes Mary shocked and disappointed. Shame on you, voters! That leaves only Hok and Jaimie in the first flight and they’re safe.

The second course tonight starts off with Lacey and Kameron. Their Broadway number last night was liked by the judges, but not loved. The voters, however, did love it. These two are safe. So, Anya and Danny, did the voters like you enough this week? Yep. You’re safe. So that must mean that Sabra and Dominic are relegated to the B-flight for the second week in a row, right? Wrong. They’re safe.

The third group kicks off with Sara and Jesus, who had to paso doble last night. Paso doble is basically Spanish for bottom three, so we’ll see how they do tonight. The judges loved them, but what about the voters? Well, we’ll find out in a second. First, let’s talk to Shauna and Jimmy. And then Faina and Cedric. But we promise some results will be coming up soon. Big results, as Cat explains only one of these couples are safe. Sara and Jesus. Shauna, Jimmy, Faina and Cedric round out the bottom six.

Cat asks the judges what they think about the results and Mia says if it was up to her, only Faina and Cedric would be in the bottom this week and everybody else would be fine. Wowch. But you can’t have a bottom six with only two, so that’s that. After the break, these fine folks will dance for their lives, then Daddy Yankee will break up the drudgery. Or, as I like to call him, Dadi Yanqui. I am somewhat bilingual.

Jessi does the first solo to “Hurts So Bad” by Kina, and by the end of the routine, her dress is practically coming off. Let’s put her through to the next round, judges. Incidentally, Jessi comes up to about Cat’s shoulder. Next is Pasha dancing to “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Yes, a Russian dancing to modern delta music; a classic pairing, like sweet and sour.

Third is Shauna to “Everything” by Lifehouse. Although you could call it Daughtry or Nickelback or Fuzztomm and nobody would know the difference. She’s followed by Jimmy, jumping around to “Veins” by Charlotte Martin. Not Charlotte Church, not Dean Martin, Charlotte Martin. Fifth up is Faina, going off to “Do You Love Me” by The Contours. Another Russian/American South pairing. You don’t see too many Americans dancing to Black Sea classics. We’re not as cultured over here, I guess. Last is Cedric, dancing to “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. I’m sure this track is straight from his personal collection.
So while the judges head off to ponder their choices, let’s enjoy some Daddy Yankee. Okay…done. Daddy Yankee leaves, and now it’s time to find out who’s joining him. As far as the femininas go, the judges unanimously decide to send home Faina. For the men, will Pasha make it an all-Russ elimination? Nigel makes it clear that the judges were not unanimous on the men. Repeat, not. Repeat, repeat, not. Pasha is safe so it will be, in fact, an international elimination tonight. Who’s joining Faina? After a meandering and fairly confusing explanation of the judges’ thought process, Nigel finally announces that Cedric…is…safe. But Nigel sternly warns him that if he’s in the bottom three ever again, he won’t support Cedric at all. After all of that chatter, Jimmy is the one walking toward the exit.

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