No Major So You Think You Can Dance Standouts for Me

I was preparing myself for So You Think You Can Dance on tonight and I was thinking that I don’t really have a favorite this year. At least not yet. I guess the only exception could be Hok (I think that’s how you spell it), but I don’t know if he can really be my favorite since I think he has 0 chance of winning. Too many other talented people.

Yes, many of you might be saying that I’m basically interested in the personality of the dancers. If you said that, then you’d be right. I root for people with the personalities I appreciate. It’s as simple as that.

Regardless of not having a favorite, I’m still excited to watch the show tonight. The choreography is so interesting and creative that it’s always a pleasure to watch (unlike Dancing with the Stars). I wonder what they’ll come up with tonight.

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