So You Think You Can Dance Results Show Recap

Wow!! Another great show from So You Think You Can Dance. The solos were nice. Cat was wonderful and the opening number great. Too bad I still don’t like the guest performers. However, it’s still a fun show to watch. Here’s the full So You Think You Can Dance results show recap.

The buzz from the judges and around the internet is that a lot of people were surprised by Anya and Danny being in the bottom three couples. For me I was just glad that America still has some goodness and character to not support the arrogance that is Danny. I feel bad for Anya, that’s life. I just can’t wait until the judges stop keeping Danny on the show and let America kick his butt off the show. In the search for America’s “FAVORITE” dancer Danny shouldn’t even be considered. America hates arrogance.

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5 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance Results Show Recap

  1. abarclay12 says:

    I totally agree that Danny is arrogant. Did you see the way he was laughing on stage? I wanted to smack the taste right out of mouth. My favorite dance was Hock’s and Jamie’s – so weird. Finally, I laughed like crazy when Pasha had to dance with that Bette Midlar lady. She was good, but holy mother of pearl. It looked funny as hell.

  2. sytycd says:

    Agreed all around!!

    The best part of Bette Midler lady is that she made me understand how good of dancers are on the show. I bet Pasha loved doing the dance with her.

  3. girl. says:

    hello. to be a dancer you have to be somewhat cocky and hes a really really good dancer who has the right to brag a little. cedric however did not deserve to stay, this show is about finding americas favorite BEST dancer, not best talker.

  4. sytycd says:

    First, I don’t agree with you that you have to be somewhat cocky to be a really good dancer. I can agree that everyone has a right to brag if they want. However, that just means you won’t win So You Think You Can Dance.

    Cedric deserved to stay, because he is more America’s favorite dancer than Danny will ever be. America loves underdogs.

    Also, it’s not America’s BEST dancer. It’s America’s FAVORITE dancer. That’s a title that Danny doesn’t deserve. Of course Cedric won’t be America’s favorite dancer either. However, he’s putting up a nice fight. I just hope he beats out Danny.

  5. collectionofmemories says:

    I totally agree about Danny too. It’s one thing to be confident as a dancer, and its easy to become arrogant when you have been a shining star your whole life as he probably has but its just plain stupid to think that you can present yourself that way on national television (especially a votes based show) and expect a positive response.

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