Sharing So You Think You Can Dance Link Love

I was just remembering today why I started this blog. It wasn’t to just write my own stuff. I wanted to link to all of the best of So You Think You Can Dance and later any TV show information that I found interesting, relevant, sexy or otherwise worth reading. I guess I also add some of my own commentary, but I decided to start sharing the link love. Hopefully this site will be a benefit to all those others out there that enjoy Reality TV and TV in general.

Today I’m starting with Blogging So You Think You Can Dance. They said they didn’t agree with the rankings done by Buddy TV. Let me tell them why. It’s because it’s too early to rank them. They haven’t set themselves apart enough to show which ones are going to win. The only front runner I see is Kameron and Lacey. They are the only ones that haven’t been in the bottom 3. All the other still need to define themselves. I recommend a well done Mia dance for those that want to do that.

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