Julianne Hough and Derek Hough Are Brother and Sister

Did you know that Julianne and Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars are brother and sister? I couldn’t believe it. Well, I guess I can once I read it, but I was a little surprised. I’d never put 2 and 2 together. I want to join their family. Do you think they’d let me in?

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4 Responses to Julianne Hough and Derek Hough Are Brother and Sister

  1. i would like to know derek’s other and sisters,i know he might have at lease two other brothers that i know of or more.please tell me who they all are?thank you. curtis trusheim

  2. Theresa says:

    I would like to know the ages of Derek and Julianne. I thought they were twins.


  3. sytycd says:

    Julianne Hough’s birthday is July 20, 1988. Derek Hough’s birthday is May 15, 1985. I’ll go ahead and let you do the math. They definitely are brother and sister and definitely not twins.

  4. Ashley Granglie says:

    They are twins. Julianne was what we call in the medical field “A Delayed Birth.” Very common throughout the world. The longest delay in a twin birth was 12 years recorded in Berkeley, CA in 1976.

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