So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

The So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 has been announced as follows:

Joshua, Rayven, Jamie, Twitch, Marquis, Matt, Comfort, Courtney G., Susie, Chelsie H., Chris, Thayne, Mark, Jessica, Kourtni L., Gev, Kherington, Katee, Chelsea T. and William.

I personally like to reserve my judgements of the top 20 until after the first show. Otherwise, I’m completely biased by the editors cuts of what we’ve seen and not seen. Let’s not think for a minute that Nigel Lythgote(too lazy to check the spelling right now) and company aren’t scripting the selection process as much as possible. See Danny Tidwell scripted as arrogant from last year if you want an example. Granted I believe that Danny Tidwell is arrogant so it wasn’t hard for them to display it. However, they did grab on to it and give it as much mileage as possible. The contrast of amazing technical skill and arrogance makes for great television. Wow, who would have thought the top 20 would start out with a rant about Danny and Nigel.

Who are your favorites? The So You Think You Can Dance message boards don’t have any problem ranking their favorites. Here’s just one sample:


01) Kherington
02) Chelsie (very close second)
03) Kourtni
04) Chelsea
05) Courtney
06) Comfort
07) Rayven
08) Katee
09) Jessica
10) Susie


01) Matt
02) William
03) Twitch
04) Gev
05) Thayne
06) Jamie
07) Chris
08) Joshua
09) Mark
10) Marquis

I will mention my current underdog favorite is Twitch.

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