America’s Best Dance Crew Live (ABDC) Live Tour Venues and Tickets

ABDC has announced the venues and dates for the America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Live Tour 2008. Today I also found information posted for the tickets in Albany, NY running between $36.50 – $46.50. Not half bad for ABDC tour tickets. You can see links for information for most of the other ABDC tour locations below.

Tickets go on sale August 16th and when they do I’m sure that you’ll be able to find ABDC tour tickets on eBay. This is the way to go if the ABDC tour shows sell out or you want to possibly find some good deals on tickets.

Here’s the list of ABDC tour locations:
Sep 18 Miami, FL: Waterfront Theatre at the American Airlines Arena – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 19 Tampa, FL: Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Sep 20 Atlanta, GA: Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 21 Clemson, SC: Littlejohn Coliseum – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 23 New York, NY: WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 25 Boston, MA: Citi Performing Arts Center
Sep 26 Atlantic City, NJ: Adrian Phillips Ballroom – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 27 Sewell, NJ: Commerce Bank Arts Centre – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 29 Washington, DC: DAR Constitution Hall – Buy Your Tickets
Sep 30 Newark, NJ: New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Oct 1 Albany, NY: The Palace Theater – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 3 Detroit, MI: Masonic Temple Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 4 Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 5 Rosemont, IL: Rosemont Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 6 Kansas City, MO: Midland Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 8 Denver, CO: Wells Fargo Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 11 Oakland, CA: Paramount Theatre of the Arts – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA: Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE????? – Moved to Oct 16???
Oct 14 Portland, OR: Rose Quarter – Theater Of The Clouds
Oct 15 Everett, WA: Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center
Oct 16 Los Angeles, CA: NOKIA Theatre LA LIVE – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 18 San Diego, CA: San Diego Sports Arena – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 19 Phoenix, AZ: Dodge Theatre – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 22 Grand Prairie, TX: Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie – Buy Your Tickets
Oct 23 Houston, TX: Jones Hall – Buy Your Tickets

I’ll do my best to update this and the dates tickets go on sale.

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63 Responses to America’s Best Dance Crew Live (ABDC) Live Tour Venues and Tickets

  1. NooSe says:

    Thanks! I’m searching Google daily trying to get tickets for the tour in Miami. I’ll be sure to check here every day =)

  2. Alyssa says:

    Sweet!!! Thanks for that! Hopefully the Oakland tickets will be cheapish ahah.

  3. Alliebaby. says:

    I tried to find tickets for the Oakland show, but Ticketmaster doesn’t have it posted. Does this mean that they’re already sold out?

    I hope I can get a reply from you soon, because I’ve always wanted to see the Jabbawockeez and SoRealCru, and SuperCr3w live.

    Oakland is probably the closest venue so yeah, hit me back up!

  4. sytycd says:

    I’m 99% sure that Oakland is not sold out. I don’t think they’ve even gone on sale. Albany, NY is the only show I’ve seen listed anywhere and it’s not for another 15 days. You can expect that Oakland probably won’t go on sale until probably the end of August time frame. Just keep checking back here and I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    If someone sees it before me, please leave a comment and I’ll post it up for everyone to see.


  5. bayykid says:

    OAkLANddd! damnn cant waittttttttt! =]

  6. TVB says:

    Any idea when the tickets for ABDC in Kansas City will go on sale???

  7. TVB says:

    After searching all morning I found out that tickets for Kansas City go on sale Aug 15th!! Can’t wait!!! My husband is going to have the greatest birthday present ever this year!!! 🙂

  8. NooSe says:

    Anyone know when Miami tickets will start selling?

    I’m starting to think its going to be August 15th as well..?

  9. Melissa says:

    most ticket places dont start selling tickets until 60 days before the show…or at least where i get them they dont start until 60 days before

  10. sytycd says:

    So You Think You Can Dance Tour put all their tickets on sell the same weekend, but I think you’re right Melissa that we shouldn’t worry until it gets closer to the event. Plus, since this is a new tour, I don’t think they have everything organized like they would like to have done previously. I’m sure we’ll see it pop up soon and that someone is working their butt off getting the ABDC tour organized and tickets up for sale.

  11. christina says:

    boston tickets?!?!

  12. blue_chair says:

    So i’m not exaclty sure what tour means?? What crews will be performing? Does anyone know?

  13. sytycd says:

    I think that they’re still trying to figure it out too, but this is what we do know. Winners of ABDC Season 1 — “JabbaWockeeZ” and BreakSk8 will be on the tour. I think they’re still negotiating the rest of the crews that will join the tour.

  14. blue_chair says:

    AWESOME!! I can’t wait!!

  15. sytycd says:

    Me either. I wish they’d just post the ticket sales at least so we can plan that.

  16. blue_chair says:

    oh i know…..i hate waiting! Do you have any idea how the seat arrangement will be, I’ve never been to a show at the Midland Theatre?

  17. sytycd says:

    I did a little more searching and found that Midland ABDC tickets go on sale Fri, Aug 15, 2008 10AM.

    You can see the seating arrangement for midland

  18. blue_chair says:

    Yep! I will be ready to do on the 15th!! Hopefully get some good seats! Are you from the KC area?

  19. sytycd says:

    Nope, I’m from Las Vegas, so I’m going to have to travel if I want to see the tour, but my colleague that also blogs the show is much closer.

  20. blue_chair says:

    sweet! thanks for all the info!

  21. Kimberly says:

    hey! does anybody know when the tickets for the madison square garden performance will be on sale??

  22. RACHEL says:

    What?!? I don’t see Arizona on the list!
    There are alot of abdc fans here too!


  23. karen says:

    when do nyc msg tix go on sale?!

  24. sytycd says:

    We still don’t know yet, but check back often and I’ll update it when I find out. I would guess it won’t be before 8/15.

  25. Jay says:

    does anyone know if you can get backstage for this?

  26. NikaFashionista says:

    When does IL tickets go on sale? =[

  27. Erin says:

    for everyone planning to go to the oakland . my dad called the box office . they go out this saturday . and they arent sold out .

  28. Jhen says:

    Hey, does anyone know when tickets go on sale for LA Oct. 12? I’m really excited to go & i wanna make sure i get some tickets before they’re all sold out! :[

  29. sytycd says:

    It looks like the LA Tour date got moved to Oct. 16 from Oct 12. Not sure why the change. Here’s the latest show times for LA:
    Oct 16 Los Angeles, CA: NOKIA Theatre LA LIVE – Onsale to General Public: Sat, 08/16/08 10:00 AM PDT

    There’s a presale usually the day before if you have a presale code which you can sometimes find on ebay

    Here’s a link to see all the updates and purchase tickets:

    I hope this helps.

    I also updated the post with the corrected dates.

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  31. NooSe says:

    Are their any other ways to get presale codes??

  32. sytycd says:

    I only know of the eBay link above, but hopefully someone else that reads this blog might be able to suggest other ways.

  33. NooSe says:

    Would you know whats the maximum number of tickets you can purchase?

    Also, does one presale code allow you to purchase JUST one ticket or up to the maximum number of tickets allowed?

  34. sytycd says:

    I think it depends on the show, but my guess is a limit of eight (8) tickets per household and a limit of four (4) tickets for the presale is the standard. I’m sure it’s more than one ticket for the presale. People usually buy tickets in at least sets of 2.

  35. NooSe says:

    Thanks. Appreciate it. 🙂

  36. aznfantasy303 says:

    Does anyone know when the tickets for DENVER will be on sale??

  37. blue_chair says:

    Totally got tickets today for Kansas City!!! WOOHOO! So my seats say Section 100 – Row 3. On the venue seating arrangement it says that the orchastra pit?? So i’m confused or am i just no looking at it right??

  38. NooSe says:

    blue_chair, great seats!

    I was about to get my tickets today, but I couldn’t get the good seats looking at the center of the stage, so I’m gonna try tommorow, and hopefully they may somehow have em up.. =X

  39. blue_chair says:

    NooSe – any luck with the seats??

  40. Tiffany says:


    Because of you I am now attending the concert. AND I GOT FRONT ROW!

    THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!

  41. sytycd says:

    Great to hear Tiffany. I hope you’ll take some pictures and post them for us all to see and enjoy.

  42. NooSe says:

    blue_chair, I was able to get floor 1, row 3 tickets.. had to pay an extra 40, but I don’t mind.. Hopefully, it’ll be worth it.

  43. Tiffany says:


    Thanks. I’m so excited! Will you be going?

    ~ And yea, if they allow cameras, I’m taking a bunch of pixs!

  44. =) says:

    how come we cant buy the newark ones? please dont tell me theyre sold out. ill cry.. LOL =(

  45. sytycd says:

    I’d really like to go, but unfortunately it’s not coming to my city (Las Vegas). There’s a good chance I’m going to be moving soon and if I do, then I’ll see if I’m any closer to a show.

    I only linked the page to the ticketmaster ones. My guess is that the Newark tickets are sold on the venues website and not ticketmaster. My guess is that they aren’t sold out, but search for the venues website and you can find out for sure.

  46. angela says:

    My friends and I would love it if you would come to st.louis …or Alton IL …YOU WOULD HAVE A SOLD OUT SHOW WE LOVE THE ABDC…THANKS

  47. brenden says:

    anyone know when the portland tickets go on sale???

  48. jkiddd says:

    when is the oakland tour going on sale? hit me up fast pls!

  49. Hanalert says:

    Hey guys – just go to or click on the”Buy Your Tickets” link after each tour city listed (i.e.Sep 18 Miami, FL: Waterfront Theatre at the American Airlines Arena – Buy Your Tickets) to purchase tickets

  50. Alysia says:

    No show in Salt Lake city Utah, Bumer!

  51. Alysia says:

    No show is Salt Lake City, Utah Bummer!

  52. toni says:

    THEY NEED TO COME 2 CANADA!!!!!!!!!!

  53. david says:

    anyone kno what souvenirs they’re selling and prices???

  54. NooSe says:

    Hey, I just got back from the tour..

    They’re selling some t-shirts ($20 – 35), hoodies ($35 – 45), a hat($20?), and a bag($20) there..

    Overall, without giving too much away, it was a great performance filled with energy lol

    I definitely enjoyed it..

    It was great seeing the Jabbawockeez and Super Crew, but I wish Kaba Modern would have been on tour too 😦


    4 out of 5 rating imo.

  55. NooSe says:

    Also, don’t expect just repeated number performances..

    There ARE new routines and etc. 🙂

  56. Nicole says:

    I plan events for the University of Vermont..we want them to come to our school how can we get in contact with them to book them for our campus???

  57. sytycd says:

    Thanks for the great update. I’d love to hear more about the show. I’m still sad they’re not coming to Las Vegas. I guess I’ll just have to live through you.

    I wish I knew a good way to get in touch with them. Hopefully they’ll read your comment and if they leave a comment I’ll get them in touch with you.

  58. Krystal says:

    how come you guys dont come to san antonio texas….
    im very sad i can go up to houston or Grand Prairie… .=(…..

  59. Margaret says:

    does anybody know if they will be setting more dates around NY or even states close to NY??? Hopefully around November or December?

  60. sytycd says:

    So far as I know, the dates are set and they’re not planning to add more dates. Depending on how successful this tour is, next year they’ll probably look at adding more dates.

  61. ASIU says:

    I have 2 tickets to the one tomorrow in L.A. but I can’t go 😦
    Interested in buying them? email me asiu1990@yahoo. com 🙂

  62. emily keo says:

    how come it doesnt say buy your tickets next to bostonnn ? 😡

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