An Interesting Look at Fringe Script Security and Fringe Fans

Pure Fringe has recently posted some of the most interesting interviews (video and written) that I have read about the TV industry. Ok, I admit that I’m a little naive and uneducated about all the behind the scenes stuff, but I think I’m about like the average TV watcher. I don’t know all the intricacies of producing a new TV show, keeping it secret and launching it to the World. That’s why I found this post on JJ Abram’s Fringe Script Security and Fox’s Kevin Reilley discussing Fringe Fans and Fox’s promotion of Fringe.

Does leaking a script really hurt the show any? Sure, a few fanatical fans will find some Fringe spoilers, but those fans are fanatical for a reason. They’re going to watch the show Fringe spoiler or not. Maybe it just makes the Fringe producers and Fox executives feel better about themselves.

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