Back from Hiatus

I took a small little hiatus after the finales of Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance Canada. However, I’m back from my little break and ready to bring you some of the best information about your favorite TV shows.

Anyone have favorite shows in the new season? I’m saying Superstars of Dance has been pretty good. Grey’s Anatomy has been phenomenal and I can’t wait for Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars to start again. My wife’s favorite has been Biggest Loser and I must admit that the season has been doing pretty well. They’ve done a great job keeping it interesting.

I’m catching up a bit, so excuse some of the posts if they are a little late. Read them anyway.

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5 Responses to Back from Hiatus

  1. Curiuosteph says:

    Does anyone know what this show is or where it’s going to be broadcast?

  2. sytycd says:

    Which show are you referring to? All of the shows are ones on TV and mostly in the US, but they’ve also gone international to a large extent.

  3. Curiuosteph says:

    Yes! It’s a demo for a TV show. It’s being pitched in North America and the UK.

  4. sytycd says:

    Looks like a really cool demo. Seems like it would work better as an independent film than a TV show.

  5. Curiuosteph says:

    Thanks! I’ll pass on the comment.

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