ABDC Finale Music and Winner

ABDC finale was tonight and it was something else to watch. I think that these have to have been the most talented set of crews that have ever pounded the ABDC stage. As always I’ve posted the music used on the ABDC finale for all to enjoy. I’ve also added some links to be able to download the music on Amazon as well as iTunes. I hope people enjoy the new options.

Without further ado, the winner of ABDC season 3 is Quest Crew. Honestly, was this really a surprise to anyone. They were the best crew on the floor with the most unique set of tricks and they really just blew their performances out of the water. Beat Freaks was good, but Quest Crew was GREAT! Congrats Quest crew and I hope you go on an ABDC tour really soon.

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1 Response to ABDC Finale Music and Winner

  1. aedrian says:

    I didnt like quest, they posed too much. Beat Freaks started a revolution in ABDC history.

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