Julianne Hough Wins Top New Female Artist at ACM Awards

Fans of Julianne Hough probably already heard that Julianne was awarded top new female artist at the ACM awards. This is very well deserved, because Julianne has had 2 pretty significant hits and really done amazingly well for herself as a singer. In fact, I’d argue she’s now as much of a star as most of the “stars” that go on Dancing with the Stars.

You can check out some videos of Julianne Hough performing for the ACM award and also pictures from Julianne Hough’s ACM performance on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

This girl has a very bright future ahead of her.

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2 Responses to Julianne Hough Wins Top New Female Artist at ACM Awards

  1. zacfan1033 says:

    Julianne defines the phrase “just another pretty face” when it comes to singing. Nothing special.
    Her dancing is where she breaks from the pack—her 15 minutes in music are almost up.
    She may become like “The Hoff” of country music.

  2. sytycd says:

    Her singing is much better than “The Hoff.” Plus, she’s actually had 2 hits already. The question is can she sustain it. You’re right that she has the look and the dancing. Now it will really be a question of song choice.

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