Dancing with the Stars 2009 Music

UPDATE: Here’s a link to find an entire list of all the Dancing with the Stars music.

I take back my previous critique that Dancing with the Stars had such poor selection of music for the show. This year they have done a whole lot better. They still aren’t quite to the standard of So You Think You Can Dance music, but they’re pretty good. Take a look at tonight’s Dancing with the Stars Viennese Waltz and Paso Doble music to see what I mean.

Plus, how perfect is it for the bull rider to do a paso doble where the girl is suppose to represent the bull. Not to mention could their be anything more ironic than the often offensive and vulgar Steve-O and the super proper Viennese Waltz?

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2 Responses to Dancing with the Stars 2009 Music

  1. alkabally says:

    They are doing better with music…sometimes there are dances and music that are so perfect, But are they kidding, “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy for a jive???? So many times too, I’ve heard the singer fade out (forgetting the lyrics) or just singing the wrong lyrics, although in some cases it was just to keep the song appropriate.

  2. sytycd says:

    It’s live entertainment. Ok, I’m just offering excuses to why the quality of music wasn’t good. I still think the song selection is better even if all of them aren’t great. I have argued that there’s no need for a live band on the show: http://www.puredwts.com/2009/04/08/dancing-with-the-stars-doesnt-need-a-live-band/

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