Dancing with the Stars Music and a Jack Ass Gone

Another week of great Dancing with the Stars Rumba and Jive music and one of my favorite groups Rascal Flatts special Dancing with the Stars performance.

A few people are a little outraged over Julianne’s rumba. Actually the rumba in general is a pretty intense dance for the show. Although, when you compare Julianne and Chuck’s dance with Shawn and Mark’s dance, then you can see that it can be done really tastefully without getting too raunchy.

Well, I’m sad to say that Lacey is gone. Oh wait, I mean Steve-O is gone. Well, I really just enjoy watching Lacey do her thing. I didn’t care for Steve-O that much. I didn’t like him actually trying. I would have liked more Steve-O. Oh well. Derek and Lil Kim are looking amazingly well. Considering Derek’s crazy fans they have a decent chance. Yes, I know Cheryl Burke fans will rip me for saying Derek has great fans.

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2 Responses to Dancing with the Stars Music and a Jack Ass Gone

  1. what was the name of the song and the artist that Steve O and Lacy danced to on April 13th

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