Dancing with the Stars 2009 Top 4

The top 4 were duking it out tonight on the dance floor with the hopes of making it to the final 3 and the finale of Dancing with the Stars. ABC decided that they needed to fill 2 hours and so the show went a bit long. I think I prefer the hour and a half version the best. However, the top 4 were fun to watch.

Ty has a long way to come back from a 48 point score. His closest competitor is Melissa and Tony at 55. We’ll see if Ty’s voters can part the red sea again and save him for the finale. That would be the most amazing thing to ever happen on Dancing with the Stars.

For those keeping score, here’s a link to the top 4 DWTS music. Fans of DWTS will also be interesting in the Dancing with the Stars power rankings and also the Dancing with the Stars twitter accounts.

Tomorrow I think the cowboy is going home. Although, I’d never bet against him pulling off some miracle.

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