Dancing with the Stars 2009 Winner Predicitons (Hint: Shawn Johnson)

UPDATE: You can watch the video announcing the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Winner.

There are a lot of people that are starting to predict who will be the winner of Dancing with the Stars. However, most of the predictions I’ve seen that have any sort of quantitative analysis have been predicting Shawn Johnson as the winner of Dancing with the Stars 2009. I have to admit that I think Shawn Johnson definitely is the favorite.

Here’s some links to examples of predictions being made:
Dancing with the Stars Winner Poll
Dancing with the Stars Twitter Choice Winner

With that said, this is the closest Dancing with the Stars has ever been with no clear cut winner. I think any of the three have a reasonable chance of winning. So don’t be shocked if Gilles Marini or Melissa Rycroft pull off the surprise.

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11 Responses to Dancing with the Stars 2009 Winner Predicitons (Hint: Shawn Johnson)

  1. John Reinan says:

    Hi — I have a Shawn Johnson item, post-DWTS, that might interest you.

    Shawn will be appearing this weekend at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 race in Charlotte. As an honorary race official, she’ll be suiting up in firesuit and helmet, and taking a few 160 mph laps with NASCAR fan favorite Kyle Petty.

    This is happening Saturday morning, May 23. If you’ll send me an e-mail address, I can send you pictures from the event.

    This should be a fun event, and your readers might enjoy seeing Shawn in this new setting.

    John Reinan
    Fast Horse, for Coca-Cola

  2. Carole says:

    I was disappointed that Gilles did not win. It’s a fact that Olympic athletes have a real edge in the Dancing competition. Taking someone who has NO athletic experience and making a dancer out of him/her, such as Gilles and Melissa is MUCH more difficult and I feel that Shawn had a definite advanatage.

    • Grace says:

      I agree with u…I don’t think this competition is really fair to Gilles and Melissa, it becomes a popularity contest rather than dancing contest…I was disappointed about that.

      • sytycd says:

        You’re not arguing the same point as Carole. Carole is saying that athletes have an advantage over non-athletes. Grace is saying that it’s not about dance skill, but is just a popularity contest. I guess you think that Olympic athletes have advantages in both areas?

        I agree completely that the power of the Olympics is important when it comes to popularity. Not to mention Shawn Johnson was a very popular Olympic athlete.

        I disagree with the idea that athletes have an advantage over non-athletes. The only advantage is that they’re use to working out long hours. Otherwise, just watching Gilles on the first show should be proof enough that natural dancing ability is huge too.

  3. disgusted says:

    Shawn Johnson did not win that contest. The outcome was totally rigged and I am not a huge conspiracy theorist. But I could see the signs, this has been in the cards for weeks.

    Melissa and Gilles were much better, gave more adult sexuality and nuance to their dances. Their grace was amazing. Shawn Johnson is built like a fireplug, is under 18 and had no understanding of what these dances are meant to convey.

    Last night Shawn landed hard in her first dance, then later used gymnastic moves, no problem with the judges. Then Melissa used cheer leading moves, she lost points for that. Double standard.

    Shawn consistently had LESS points than Melissa and Gilles. Yet, somehow, she won.

    I don’t believe that someone her age should be allowed to compete in this contest anyway, it should be 21 and older. There are plenty of forums in which younger people can compete, I am tired of all the youth oriented shows. I watched DWTS for adult entertainment, not to watch some kid jump about.

    The bias in reality television has been appalling this year because of it’s patent in your face blatancy. Carrie Ann drooled so openly over Gilles I was actually embarrassed for her, and on Idol, Katy Perry’s Adam cape being allowed, and what was said by judges on the talk show circuit went a long way toward proving bias.

    There is no way that Allison got less votes than Kris. NO WAY. Yet, off she went. Idol proved how it was fixed from the beginning, with the bouncing of Kristen McNamara whom COULD actually sing, and keeping of Tatiana for ratings.

    Screw reality TV, this is my final season. Don’t waste your votes, producers with their own agenda’s are really the people who decide, not you. Don’t believe me? Google some of Steve Wozniaks early comments on the show until he was silenced. You’ll see.

    • sytycd says:

      I have to agree that it was a double standard for Melissa getting marked down for HIP Hop. That was just lame bias from Len. Then, Len went right back and gave a 30 to Gilles even though he lacked much real dance in his freestyle.

      I wouldn’t say conspiracy, but there’s no doubt they’re doing what they can to manipulate things.

      However, I don’t personally watch to see who wins the show. I just enjoy the show that is the dancing and the improvement of the dancers over time.

      I’d love to see the Woz comments you’re talking about.

  4. disgusted says:

    i live in silicon valley, and seem to recall it was in the san jose mercury. woz did some number crunching and compilations either on his computer or in his super brain and he showed how the results are ‘geared’ toward ratings vs. actual ability etc.

    i guess then the producers jumped his stuff and he issued an apology, retracting his statement.

    i do believe that the show is biased, and the votes don’t count. i believe the same with idol. i never used to think that way, was pretty naive, but this year i watched coverage extensively, watched every judge on every talk show from both idol AND dwts, and I could see a distinct pattern emerging.

    melissa never had a chance to win because of the obvious conflict of interest with being an ABC show contestant and subsequent ‘loser’. i am a melissa fan, but in all truth the winner should have been gilles. shawn johnson was consistently behind in scoring, to win this trophy just shows you wasted your time voting, as did i. wasted my time viewing, as far as i’m concerned.

    i stopped watching years ago, and will go back to that…could use that time for better pursuits anyway.

  5. sytycd says:

    My only problem with the theory of it being completely rigged is that why hasn’t someone come out with it already if that is the case? Someone willing to make a buck would come out with it if it really was totally rigged.

    Certainly you’ll get no arguments that they push who they like. That’s why they are called producers. They try to produce the show they want.

    I enjoy the entertainment of the dancing and music. Although, my wife might argue that I could spend my time on other pursuits as well;-)

  6. disgusted says:

    Are you kidding? The contracts these people sign are pretty stringent. One show, can’t remember which, has a five million dollar penalty attached for revealing details. Even the Woz would think twice about blowing that kind of money.

    I think after the debacles of the last two nites, I am going to forgo ‘reality’ tv or if I do watch, not vote.

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