So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Finale

Tonight was the best show of season 6. I guess that’s a good thing since the finale should represent some of the best dancers from the entire season. I thought it was fantastic to watch. A little rush, but overall that meant they left off all the fluff and the judges couldn’t ramble on about nothing. Plus, the variety of music on the SYTYCD finale was awesome.

How amazing is it that SYTYCD will have Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez on the finale? According to tweets it looks like the top 20 will be dancing with J-lo (or some set of the top 20).

Now the question is, who is going to be the winner of SYTYCD season 6. Here’s a look at Emilie’s SYTYCD power rankings. I predicted Jakob Karr as winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6 a few weeks ago. I also love the idea that the picture on Fox’s SYTYCD website predicts the order. That means Jakob would win also.

Any other ways to predict who will win SYTYCD season 6?

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2 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Finale

  1. Jason says:

    I was disappointed that there weren’t any same-sex partner dances or solos. You would think after Jeanine’s solo put her over the top in last season’s final, they would realize how important solos can be to the final voting. Also, I’m a bit worried that there will be too many singing performances on Wednesday’s show. This is not American Idol! I hope they still re-perform many of the top dances from this season. I don’t understand why they changed so much this season — it wasn’t broken! The only positive change has been the addition of Shankman to the judges…

  2. sytycd says:

    Nice points Jason. I forgot about those dances too. Although, I’m not sure I really missed the solos. Well, it should have been 2 hours for sure.

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