So You Think You Can Dance Finale

Absolutely beautiful finale for SYTYCD. Amazing story for the winner and I’m so happy for them. Seriously a wonderful night of dancing and I couldn’t have hoped for a better champion. Yes, I have done a pretty good job avoiding spoilers from the episode huh?

As always check out this full list of SYTYCD finale songs. Also, join in with all the others to discuss your thoughts on the finale of SYTYCD 2009.

I think most of you will also find this video of the SYTYCD top 6 on Ellen.

I really can’t believe that the season is over. Word has it that it will be back again in Summer. I truly hope that it is the case since SYTYCD is so much better in summer. It’s like a beautiful summer pleasure to watch. Fox in the Fall is just a mess. Looking forward to coming back next summer. Plus, SYTYCD Australia should be starting up as well.

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3 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance Finale

  1. pmchef says:

    can’t believe Russell wone. a great performed but no way a better entertainer or performer than Jason or Nathan.

    America’s standards, if that’s actually who selects the winner is incredibly disappointing.

    Jason/Nathan – you both are amazing, incredible dancers. I enjoy every moment you’re on stage.

    • sytycd says:

      I’m glad that Russell won. He’s great. Although I’d have preferred for Kathryn to win.

      Also, you should probably learn that it’s Jakob and not Jason. Jason was last season.

  2. keena says:

    I’m trying to find out who sang the song (pray just pray) when they were showing Elenore leaving. It was playing during her look back. Thank you.

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