Dancing with the Stars 2010

Last week was the first eliminations of DWTS 2010. In case you missed it, you missed an amazing show where DWTS beat American Idol in the ratings war. Yeah, I find that as unbelievable as you, but it’s true.

You can also see who was kicked off DWTS 2010 and see the Good, The Bad and the Incredibly Hot parts of DWTS 2010. You’ll also want to watch the DWTS Haiti video too.

If you like to participate in polls, then make your voice heard by voting in this Dancing with the Stars host poll and also predict the DWTS 2010 winner.

Tonight’s going to be a lot of fun and be sure to check the full list of DWTS 2010 music and enjoy your favorite DWTS twitter account.

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One Response to Dancing with the Stars 2010

  1. Nancy French says:

    I have watched every week , every season and enjoyed the show very much. I do think the show is going to lose viewers if they continue to do 10-12 commercials between each dancer. there is more commercial time than show time !

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