So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Updates

Lots of news coming out of SYTYCD this week. First and most important are the updates about Alex Wong’s surgery. Seems like all went well and he’s on his way to the long recovery. These tweets from fellow SYTYCD dancers are great too.

For those who like free dance classes and free tickets to concerts check out this post with free dance classes and tickets.

Also, it’s official that there will be a SYTYCD 2010 tour. Woopee!! The great news for me is that they’re coming to Las Vegas again. Take a look and see if they’ll be coming to a town near you too. We still don’t know who exactly will be going on the tour. That will be interesting to hear.

In some bad news, SYTYCD Australia has been cancelled. At least on it’s current station. I only watched some of it online, but I feel bad for Australian dancers.

Check out this interesting wish for the next SYTYCD season.

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2 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Updates

  1. Tracy says:

    Is anyone else just as excited as I am for the tour they announced last night?!?!?!

    I found the complete list of dates at:

    It got me very amp’d up and I can’t wait. I am still sad about Alex but I love Kent.

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