SYTYCD 2011 LA Audition Music and Discussion – Adam Shankman Out as Permanent Judge

What did you think about last night’s SYTYCD 2011 LA auditions? The theme on the @puresytycd twitter account was that LA brought some of the best dance we’ve seen. One person described it as LA reminding her of why she loves SYTYCD so much.

Now for the SYTYCD Season 8 LA audition music list. Some amazing music considering that there was such a variety of dance styles. That’s the beauty of the SYTYCD music.

Be sure to also go and share your own thoughts about the SYTYCD LA auditions.

Also, did you see the SYTYCD news that rotating SYTYCD judges are back and Adam Shankman is out as permanent judge. What do you think of that change?

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2 Responses to SYTYCD 2011 LA Audition Music and Discussion – Adam Shankman Out as Permanent Judge

  1. OvationTV says:

    Hey SYTYCD fans,

    We’re interviewing Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd, Ashley Galvan, Alex Wong, Melinda Sullivan, Alexie Agdeppa, Lauren Gottlieb, Anya Garnis, Mark Kanemura, Courtney Galiano, Allison Holker, Dominic Sandoval, and Comfort Fedoke next week for our upcoming run of Season 7 of SYTYCD. We’d love to get some of your questions to ask them – you can record yourself asking the question or if you’re in LA, maybe even come to ask them in person! Do you have any questions? Email me at!

    Check out some of the other clips with Season 6 contestants to get a better idea!


  2. Looking forward to another season! You should ask d-trix what he thinks of lil mama as a judge 😉

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