So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Music

UPDATE: Check out the latest and greatest list of So You Think You Can Dance Music.

In a night with the broadest group of choreographers yet, the So You Think You Can Dance 2009 top 18 took the stage and completely moved people. Shane Sparks also rejoins So You Think You Can Dance choreographing couples (Shane did the group dance last week).

Check out the So You Think You Can Dance 2009 top 18 music or check back on all of the SYTYCD 2009 music.

What was your highlight from tonight’s show?

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40 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Music

  1. Carla says:

    Where do I find a list of songs from Wednesday June 17th?? Please let me know! Thanks!

  2. keturah says:

    can you find the list of songs from wendsday june,25

  3. sytycd says:

    Do you mean June 24th’s music list? That’s here:

    Tomorrow you’ll find June 25th’s music list:

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  5. jerry says:

    what Justin timberlake song was used on tuesdays show…..

  6. jerry says:

    what justin timberlake song was used on Tuesday, 7/21 show

  7. sytycd says:

    There wasn’t a show on 7/21. You can see the 7/22 show music listed:

  8. nykki says:

    who sang the song money in i think it was season 5. i know liza mineeli sings the origional, but who did the version for the dance routine????

  9. sytycd says:

    Have you tried to look through the full list of SYTYCD season 5 music: ? It should have the song you’re looking for.

  10. McKensie says:

    Where can I find the list of songs from SYTYCD from season 6 the bollywood songs?

  11. aricka says:

    im looking for a song. i guess i heard it on this show
    cant remember when or who dance to it
    all i remember

    its a slow song.
    female singer ( solo )
    something with the lyrics “in my dream?”
    any idea>

  12. Storey says:

    I am looking for the name and artist of the song played in SYTYCD season 5, episode one where a montage of good New York dancers got tickets to go to Vegas. It was played after Maksim Kapitannikov’s dance.


  13. Laura says:

    I’m watching the Season 6 premier, and I want to identify a song one of the auditioners used. I think it was the girl whose mother is paralyzed. The only lyrics I remember are “are you blind.” I have no memory, unfortunately. Ideas?

  14. Dave says:

    I am looking for the name of the song played while the dance group opened the show for the top 16 of sytycdc 2009

  15. adrienne says:

    What is the name of the salsa song where Christina Santana danced to with her partner Pepe when she got the ticket to Vegas?

  16. Rachel says:

    I’m desperate to know the name of the artist and title of this one song on the first vegas episode of season 6(aired 10/07/09)… The lyrics go “I want to see all that I can see, I want to know are you going to let it go” Thomas Hamilton danced to it.

  17. jill says:

    Hi, im looking for a song that is from season 9 and they played it recently for a choreography section. all i know from the song is the lyrics “we up in the v.i.p drinks on me”.

  18. niki says:


    i was watching so you think you can dance on wedensday, october 14th, 2009 and i heard a song with the words “crank that” it was when they were showing many of the dancers who had good solos before they chose the top 20 for hollywood?

    i really want to know the name of the song!

    if anyone knows please reply back 🙂

    thaaanks so much

  19. socorro says:

    On oct.26,2009 episode.What’s the two first songs dat where played on stage,who are those two artist and songs that were performed?

  20. margo says:

    does anyone know the song playing at the end while the married ballroom couple are hugging . it was day 2 of the salt lake auditions and it aired 10/06/2009

  21. eduardo says:

    Great finale for season 6! Besides the dance routine songs..can anyone forward me a list of the songs in between when highlighting the season and dancers??

  22. lindsay says:

    i am trying to figure out the song from the finale. it was during the season 6 highlights and it came before your guardian angel- by red jumpsuit apparatus. i can’t find it listed anywhere it just says your guardian angel as the only song used but i am positive there was something before . it was something like i sing i cry i dance? i can’t remember

  23. lindsay says:

    o there was also another one from the auditions that went how heavy are these hands or something like that. i just rememebr it was a guy dancing but i dont remember in what city

  24. alix says:

    do you know the name for the track that was used for the group bollywood routine on the season 7 tour????

  25. Adriana says:

    Hi, Im looking for the song that was used to say goodbye to Chris Jarosz. Please I need it. Is very important. Thanks 🙂

  26. jeve says:

    What is the name of the song on the Mentos Commercial on SYTYCD canada with lyrics something like “you gotta give it a go” thanks! July 2011

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